An immersive new photo tool

Meet ThingLink. It is easy to use and has a lot of potential for both supplementing your photos and encouraging collaboration within a newsroom (and with your audience).

This is the first one I made, which is nothing special. This is simply the last photo I took, an empty road while out cycling. Mouseover the image and play with the pins.

You can add notations, links, videos, audio and so on.

When it comes to building a ThingLink, it can’t be any easier. Upload your photo or infographic — and if it isn’t yours, make sure you have permission to use it — click to add the interactive icons (which you can change) and then add text and other goodies. You can share the ThingLink as a regular webpage, or embed it on your own site, but not on a WordPress hosted site for iframe reasons previously discussed here.

If you tell stories visually, ThingLink is a tool to keep in mind.

Check this one out to see it in a news context. Here’s another one.


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