Protip: Think before pressing “tweet”

A Philadelphia news anchor:

And then she stuck with it:

People noticed. But did they notice.

Fox 29′s Breaking Bad Tweet Goes Down Badly With Philly Viewers

Joyce Evans Fox 29 Philly tweet controversy: Anchor’s ‘Breaking Bad’ tweet ignites fury

Philadelphia anchor Joyce Evans under fire for ‘Breaking Bad’ reference in deadly shooting tweet

Philadelphia news anchor criticized for comparing shooting to ‘Breaking Bad’

Fox29 anchor's tweet breaks bad

Joyce Evans’ Breaking Bad murder tweet causes Internet furor

Joyce Evans of Fox29 lights up Twitter with Breaking Bad comment

There is a time and place for newsroom humor. The wise person remembers his or her humanity and the advice of my colleague Dr. John Carvalho.

“The subjects you interview and write about are human beings, not objects. And you are a human being as well. Act like one.”

(NOTE: Updated to add the Carvalho quote, and to fix all the errors that WordPress’ quick post feature put in here. That’ll be the last time I use that.)


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