Witness to massacre

You’ll find some intriguing, emotional and graphic shots from the Nairobi mall in this post at the excellent Lens blog from the New York Times. (Visual types should think about bookmarking it.)

A photographer was on the scene in the heat of the moment, and his photographs have a lot to say. How did it come about?

I was at a framing shop in an adjacent mall picking up some photographs that had been given to me as gifts by photojournalists who attended my wedding. I was very close. I didn’t have all of my equipment, just had a small camera that I always have with me in case something happens.

I ran over to the mall and I was able to photograph until my wife [Nichole Sobecki], who is also a photojournalist and was at our house, was able to collect my Kevlar helmet and professional cameras before she came to cover the news herself.

New York Times staff photographer Tyler Hicks is a war photographer — so don’t get too hung up on the Kevlar helmet mention.

Make sure you catch the important part in the first paragraph of the quote.


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