A look at Congress’ view on Syria

You’ve no doubt become familiar with Syria and how the U.S. is and isn’t and could and couldn’t possibly be involved there. Well, it is coming up before Congress. And The Washington Post has built a hand tool that is designed to give you a quick feel for how your elected representatives are feeling about Syria:

Lawmakers appear to be tentatively dividing into four camps over military action in Syria. Each dot represents a lawmaker who has indicated how he or she might vote. Although it’s not yet certain how the lawmaker will vote, the sentiment of the quote is mapped across the four categories.

If you hover over the dots (which are helpfully arranged by parties and then alphabetized by states) you can find the person representing you. Some of them even have quotes relevant to the topic.

As of this writing both of Alabama’s senators are categorized as undecided. One of the state’s congressmen is a No leaner. Two more are undecided. The rest haven’t yet been categorized by the Post.


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