How a small paper went big time online

The C-Ville Weekly, circulation 22,000, just turned their weekly selves into a multimedia outlet with a bit of an investment and a few months of good work to cover a long standing local road project and all of the attendant controversies that come with such a plan. The story comes from

“It all starts with the redevelopment of our website a year ago, switching to WordPress with a flexible CMS,” Morris explained. With the help of a local tech company, Vibethink, the 24-year-old alt-weekly implemented a WordPress site customized for its typical volume of output and which also gave C-Ville staff more control to make changes to the site.

“It took us a year of using the web right to see what was possible,” said Morris.

The individual components were done in house while Vibethink put roughly 200 hours into the layout and web production. The final product, while obviously not something that can be replicated every week, tells an important local story in a way that both Dubec and Morris believe will have a lasting impact.

There is history, photos, audio, video … truly it is a multimedia project. Check it out.


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