From the ‘Picking on Millennials’ beat

The Wall Street Journal is lumping you all into one group in a time-tested technique of stereotyping:

Patty Baxter realized there was a problem. In her 20 years at Metro Guide Publishing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the office usually hummed with sales calls. Now, it was quiet.

Advertising sales were down and Ms. Baxter identified a reason: Her sales staff, all under age 35, were emailing clients with their pitches, not calling them on the phone.

Younger workers may have mastered technologies that some of their older colleagues have barely heard of, such as photo and video sharing apps Instagram and Vine, but some bosses wish they’d learn a more traditional skill: picking up the phone.

For the record, conducting interviews absolutely works better in person. The only thing better is conducting your interview in person.


One thought on “From the ‘Picking on Millennials’ beat

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