Crowdsourcing history

Half-century old details are coming to light through the wisdom of the aggregate — the idea that a group is always smarter than an individual — and some photo scanning and posting. The Washington Post is asking for help in identifying the people and stories in some of these old photographs from the 1963 march to Washington.

This isn’t the first project like this by any means, but it is timely, topical and likely to get a great reaction. With more and more Internet proliferation, with more and more of the elderly online the Post has the opportunity to get a great deal of traction out of this.

You can read the stories that are already coming in.

Do you know anyone that was on the National Mall? Tell them about this project.

As always, when I mention civil rights to a classroom in Birmingham I make sure all of the students — locals and out-of-towners — know about the amazing Birmingham Civil Rights Institute just down the road.

Update: Check this out, you can hear the rare tape of a speech that inspired Dr. King.

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