Multiscreen, mobile projections

Some of us are living this.

Indeed, I’m typing on a laptop while listening the television and waiting for something to buzz on my phone. So this makes all the sense in the world to some people. Consider these notes:

(T)he number of tablets in operation is expected to more than double within five years, while the installed base of Internet-connectable TVs is forecast to triple in size, according to MRG. By 2017, it’s also anticipated that more than 80% of all US mobile subscribers will own a smartphone. In all, the installed base of connected devices will exceed half a billion units.

The term ‘multiscreen video’ typically refers to the viewing of video content on multiple screens, such as a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. There is general consensus that this will be a growing, long-term trend. In contrast, the multiscreen TV experience is defined as the use of a companion device/screen in association with discovering, acquiring and viewing full-length video content (movies/TV programmes) on the in-home television. While a single device, such as a tablet, may serve as both a companion device for the TV and a first-screen viewing device, the two use-cases are separate and distinct.

And multiscreen TV use has a few remaining obstacles.

As you digest that, read this:

The impressive shift to mobile internet continues unabated, with mobile’s share of web traffic growing by over 50 per cent in one year. Emerging economies, less unencumbered presumably by legacy infrastructure, and aided by programs to develop their markets with cheaper smartphones, or smarter feature-phones are growing fastest.

McKinsey & Company estimates that mobile internet technologies with unlock $3 trillion and $10 trillion dollars of world economic benefit over the next 12 years, lifting billions out of poverty.

And remember, you live and work in the future. What will you do with it?

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