An AP shift to the use of contributor video is also a sign for television marketing

Another hint at how the world is changing, via this video interview, AP’s global video news chief: Sorting out contributors vs. activists in Syria:

With little access to the raging civil war in Syria, the Associated Press has been relying on a citizen journalists with smart phones with the Bambuser app to stream live coverage of the conflict, explains Sandy MacIntrye …

Not necessarily just observers, he notes that many of the contributors are activists and he explains how they and their associations are clearly identified and authenticated.

There’s a lot to unpack there. The video is available and ubiquitous. It can be, they think, verified. That saves money for the AP, which is more than content to not have to spend dollars putting people on the ground in the middle of a war zone if so much video is coming out of it. That’s far cheaper.

And then, of course, there are all the second screen implications.

TV is the next model to be disrupted. It’ll persist, but they’re going to be hurt badly. You can already see it in YouTube’s numbers, in the ratings, in the financials and second-screen habits. If you are in television, or invested in TV marketing, and not already thinking down this path you should probably pick up your pace.

This might help. 10 reasons to combine your TV And web video ad campaigns:

TV still makes up the vast majority of advertising media budgets, by far. But it’s no secret that today’s TV audience is also watching their favorite shows online. If you’re a marketer, you know that this is an important shift in viewer behavior that could impact the effectiveness of your TV campaigns. But you don’t know how it impacts your TV efforts or what you can do about it. There’s one way to find out: Manage and measure TV and online video together. When you do this, numerous new synergies and opportunities will arise along with the answers.


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