Don’t get absorbed in this Twitter mystery, this isn’t the Zapruder film

There was a time when journalists didn’t know what a Twitter was. And then journalists learned about Twitters and dismissed it entirely. (Some people are still stuck in this stage of online evolution. Some may never escape.) There came a time when some journalists started using Twitter. Some found it useful and latched on. Some couldn’t get it — I’d guess because they didn’t want to get it — and dismissed it.

These days, some journalists use Twitter to help them with their work. There are great examples of that in action.

Some report about what they see on Twitter. That might be the most useless use of Twitter journalists have discovered so far. Oh, I could write about the Justin Bieber – Anne Frank thing or any other silly celebrity Twitter kerfluffle that was a non-story, but I won’t.

Instead I’ll show you the Bigfoot of Boston, and how a silhouette got people on Twitter atwitter. And wasted this reporters time:

As chilling photos of the deadly blasts at Monday’s Boston Marathon began to circulate, one image stood out for some Twitter users, sparking debate over what appeared to be a man walking on a rooftop of a building overlooking the finish line.

The photo, taken by spectator Dan Lampariello, showed the second bomb explode several hundred yards from the first as runners approached.

Among the first Twitter users to spot the mysterious figure in Lampariello’s photo was the operator of a parody account for R&B singer Frank Ocean:


“Who’s the guy on the roof?” one Twitter user asked. “He’s not reacting to the detonation.”

“The picture of the guy on the roof overlooking the second explosion is the spookiest thing I have ever seen,” another wrote.

Be better than this.

(About the Zapruder Film.)


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