Conde Nast’s video project

Conde Nast is turning to video for Glamour and GQ:

The move is part of a broader expansion the company is making into television and digital under Dawn Ostroff, a former high-ranking television executive who has overseen programming at Lifetime and the CW Network.


For magazine publishers, many of whom are struggling with shrinking readership, building an online portfolio is seen as crucial as both a promotional platform and a new revenue stream.

Why is this important? Conde Nast is in the same company that owns the Alabama Media Group. Friend of the Crimson Andre Natta wrote around this topic last summer:

(C)urrent FCC regulations define a daily newspaper as any publication printing four or more days a week. Yeah, that was a nice tidbit of information to learn. This becomes important since it means that the new Alabama Media Group could be allowed to be bought by a local television station down the road and not be in violation of current rules prohibiting a daily newspaper and a local television station having the same owner – rules that are currently scheduled to be kept in place when they’re up for review.


It is something that could potentially diversify revenue streams – since at the end of the day, journalists have to eat. Even if none of it comes to be, you’ve now been given a glimpse into the mind of one of the folks trying to figure out how this new age of journalism will work.

If anything Andre’s vision — which stirred some interesting comments — needs only to meet practical dollars and sense. That might be mitigated by a non-traditional video model not unlike what you’ll soon see at GQ and Glamour: highly specialized, niche programing built to be seen across your array of platforms, phones, tablets, smart TV components and so on. This, of course, is an opportunity for print outlets, but would be a threat to broadcast entities.


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