May the force be with us

You might have heard that President Obama admitted he was no Jedimaster. He said he wouldn’t “Jedi mind-meld” with congressional Republicans on the matter of the sequester, which would probably raise all sorts of constitutional issues anywa —

Wait. Jedi mind-meld? That makes no sense. He’s cross-contaminating his science fiction universes! Nerds and geeks are both up in arms!

This, of course, gave comedians and reporters plenty of fodder. The Associated Press quoted Mr. Spock — err, Leonard Nimoy:

Yoda-quoting nerds, Beltway insiders and even Hollywood heroes were instantly abuzz. The presidential mishmash of sci-fi references went viral, turning off geeks who had considered Obama one of their own after a slip of the tongue that was almost as bad as confusing Klingons and Ewoks, or even Democrats and Republicans.

Jedi are from “Star Wars,” while mind melds happened on “Star Trek.”

Mister Spock of “Star Trek” weighed in.

“Only a Vulcan mind-meld would be effective on this Congress. LLAP,” Leonard Nimoy emailed after The Associated Press sought his reaction. Nimoy signed off with the abbreviation for his “Live long and prosper.”

This sort of error — innocent enough in the scheme of things except to nerds and geeks, who consider this an egregious science fiction oversight — allowed the White House communications folks to have some Friday fun. Mashable has that story.

And, if you go to you find they’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to redirect you to the White House sequester page. Not a bad reaction to an otherwise silly story.


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