“Don’t be afraid to ask for support … ‘People are just looking for a way to support you'”

The quote which headlines this post is found in Pekka Pekkala’s report. Pekkala has been studying journalism startups around the world:

The project is called Sustainable Business Models for Journalism. What did we find? First, bad news: there’s no single, easy solution or amazing new business model that solves all the problems that traditional publishing models have.

But looking through some of the very grassroots operations around the globe, you find some similarities among the sites. Probably the most comforting lesson from these young and old entrepreneurs is the fact that there’s probably no need for an amazing new business model. Journalism is just going through a transformative period from a monopolistic, high-revenue and low competition model to a highly competitive global marketplace.

Pekkala shares some of the insights gleaned from the research and the full report, which I am just diving into a bit. But I like this early idea: keep it small and agile.

The argument for startups and entrepreneurship is that your ability to be nimble will outpace the big corporate entities which must go through many layers of managers, bosses, tradition, inertia, shareholders, meetings and so forth. If you’ve been paying attention you might have noticed that the big corporate legacy models are having a tough time moving at the same pace as their smaller counterparts. Sure, they can bring a lot to bear when they get to it, but it takes them a while to turn to this task at hand. Now consider many of the young and successful enterprises that have grown up around us, particularly online.

Being agile has long been a key in entrepreneurial efforts.


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