What will the iPad mini mean for journalism?

The iPad mini is here, sporting a 7.9 inch display compared to the 9.7 inch screen on the iPad 2. Price points will be a big part of this product’s success of course.

What does it mean for the news business?

Poynter started the conversation this morning:

Of all the mobile devices launched in recent years, the iPad has been the most promising for the journalism business.

iPad owners are more likely than others to use the devices to keep up with news, and compared to other types of tablet owners they are more likely to download news apps and over five times more likely to subscribe to digital news products.

What do you think? Will a tool like this shake things up?

Update: The biggest Apple high-end user fanboy I know writes: “At $249 the Mini becomes a no-brainer for many. At $329, it’s a stop-and-think decision.” He sees it as a gateway or entry to tablets. If that assesement is correct this could be good news for publishers. (See: recent studies on news consumption via tablets.)

(I wrote this on my iPhone.)


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