Twitter value

Jeff John Roberts at Paid Content writes about the value of news sites’ brands on Twitter:

A new study shows that the BBC and the New York Times have the most reach and influence on Twitter among news organizations. The findings are just a taste of what we can expect as researchers apply data-based network analysis to patterns of news consumption.

This is pretty new stuff. As researchers we are really just beginning to get started trying to figure out how to quantify and rank-order the value of various Twitter accounts. Are the number of followers the most important? The number of retweets? The content? A particular kind of follower? The number of posts? On and on and on.

Just for fun you can grade your account, see how much money it is worth, find out how much Klout you have and do some minor analytics of your own.

The real questions are: How much value do you get out of your Twitter account? How much value do your followers get out of your Twitter account? Are you adding value to the stream?


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