Quotable @DavidHo

Every so often you run across a post that defies excerpt. I love it when that is a profile Q&A, as is the case with this Media Bistro interview with David Ho, the editor of mobile, tablets and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a small sample, but the piece is worth your time:

The mouse is dead. It just doesn’t know it’s been caught in a better mousetrap. I’ve been waiting for a chance to say that. Technology is becoming much more intimate, much more an extension of ourselves. There’s less hardware in between us and what we experience. Touch screens are just the beginning. The seeds are out there now: voice control, motion gesture control, eye tracking. I think there’s a lot of potential in augmented reality. Combine that with the Google glasses project and some other prototypes and you can see this future where interacting with media will be constant, literally in your face.


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