Mutter: Apple and Google are a major threat to newspapers in mobile

Writing for E&P Alan Mutter says the giant firms are capitalizing “on the enviable power of their local franchises to become significant players in the vigorously growing mobile space.”

Unfortunately, newspapers are woefully behind.

Mobile matters, because advertising purchases on handheld gizmos are expected to climb 4.5 times from last year’s levels to $7.7 billion by the end of 2016 – a sum equal to approximately a third of the combined ad sales of all the nation’s newspapers in 2011.

Look around, both on campus and elsewhere, smartphones and tablets are on the rise. More and more of our information consumption takes place on these devices.

And the software is learning. Mutter, in this piece, and others elsewhere, suggest that your mobile platform will come to know so much about you that specific shopping deals and information relevant to your tastes and location will just come right to you. This would be great for advertisers, and whomever can capitalize.

But, Mutter points out the typical mobile app at the typical newspaper is “as static, unintuitive and non-transactional as a brick.”

Keep that in mind as you read News organizations should build apps that solve problems, not just republish content, by Jeff Sonderman.


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