David Carr interview

Talking Points Memo had a chat with New York Times media columnist David Carr. Here are two of the questions. Click on for more.

How will we get our news this time next year?

The rise of the visual Web is significant. I started working at Inside.com in 2000 and it was Michael Hirschorn who said, ‘That big picture and the small amount of text on your screen is your product. Everything else you write is gravy, it’s fine, but it’s not your product.” I do think people are going to be navigating in ever more visual ways. And I also think verbal navigation.

What do you tell recent journalism graduates or people trying to start a career in media?

I tell them that they should make stuff. The tools of production are at hand for everyone. I used to hire a lot of young people when I was the editor of Washington City Paper, and you used to have them show you the clips and see where else you worked. Show me what you’ve made with your own bare little hands. That, I think, is super important. People say, “You should’ve been here for the good old days.” I think that’s crazy. Yeah, it’s a little harder, but you have so many more tools at your disposal to story-tell. It’s cool to be in a business where you still learn. You don’t have to be able to code yourself, but you have to know what coding is. You should be able to work in Final Cut Pro. WordPress should be second-nature. I think, in generational terms, being able to produce and consume content at the same time.


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