Brushing up on copy editing this summer? You should.

Engineering students build matchstick bridges and they and their professional peers play in software long before they install the first beam at a job site.

You, meanwhile, practice in public. Your errors are there for everyone to see. Consider that from the point of view of a reporter without a copy editor.

Reporters that can edit their own work have a terrific value. As I’ve been telling students for years: the skill of copy editing will take you a long way, the value of a reporter/copy editor in the current marketplace is high.

Steve Buttry does community engagement and social media, and he’s got some insight on this subject:

All newsroom jobs are changing. That includes copy editors and it should.

Journalists who have treated the copy desk as a safety net need to take more responsibility for the quality of their own work. And journalists who have specialized in copy editing will play multiple roles in a Digital First newsroom.


Every job is changing in Digital First newsrooms. We are trying to design a new newsroom for the economy and challenges of the digital marketplace.

Via Prof. Mindy McAdams


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