The classes we wish we’d taken

We all have them, the one that got away, the class that filled too fast, the lecture with that really swell person you’ve been trying to work up the nerve to talk to … We’ve all been there. But what about classes that might serve you well in the future, as opposed to another PE, Rocks for Jocks or Underwater Basketweaving with Mr. Popular and Ms. Homecoming?

A University of Oregon student, counting down the days to graduation, is thinking about the classes he wished he’d taken. Florida professor Mindy McAdams shared his list:

Computer science: “To be able to code in Java, HTML, C++ or Python is one skill that is going to be extremely important in the coming years.”

Marketing classes: “If I could have taken a few marketing classes then I would have a better grasp of how the business world works.”

Language classes: “The last language class that I took was a Spanish class during my sophomore year of high school. After that, I never really used my Spanish speaking ability and have since lost most of my ability to speak it.”

Grammar: “I had taken J101 which is the equivalent to beginning grammar at the U of O but I never really got much out of that class. After an internship … I have come to the conclusion that I really need to learn how to write with better grammar.”

I share them so that you might think about the classes you’d like to take while you still have time, or classes that you find might be helpful to you after you’ve left the bubble?*

Here’s that student’s full post on the subject.

Those might unique to him. They might be similar to yours. (And none of these are an endorsement by your humble host, who is not an academic adviser.)

*Just because you graduate doesn’t mean your education stops. Never let it stop. There. That’s my academic advice. To get an education is to understand the joy of learning.


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