The interactive infographic

Here’s where you can yield to temptation and get yourself in trouble. The world is full of infographics of all sorts these days, but that also means the world is full of poorly designed infographics. Don’t be that designer.

Here’s a nice one in that it is obvious, clear and shares a lot of information. It has a slightly unusual presentation, but it doesn’t take long to wrap your mind around what they’re doing. (At least that was my experience.) The page is a bit long — because the graphic is long, because the information is plentiful — which could have created some layout problems, but they wisely chose to use a float technique. That, really, is perhaps the best part of the design.

Check out ProPublica’s Tangled Web and see what you think.

And while you’re at it, consider all of the reporting and data crunching that had to go into crafting a project like that.


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