A lovely Q&A with Rashunda Tramble

ONA does a member profile piece on a fairly regular basis. Some of the answers they get for their efforts are quite insightful. This is Rashunda Tramble, the editor-in-chief of Swissre.com:

What does it feel like to be in transition?

I think we’re in transition all the time. Shoot, that’s what life is about. Therefore, I’m not sure if I can say what it feels like “to be in transition.” To me that’s like explaining what it feels like to breathe. In terms of why I actually changed jobs, as with many government-funded projects, the budget at my old job was under the microscope. I decided to be proactive and find another job before I *had* to. A friend sent me the job ad for my current gig, I applied and was pleasantly surprised to have made the cut.

Pure journalism and corporate journalism both require the same thing, though: the ability to tell a story.

If you had a million dollars dedicated to improving media, you would …

Start Saturday writing workshops for kids. Children have wild and wonderful minds. They can come up with the most amazing stories. A child with a flair for writing and storytelling should be encouraged just as if he or she were a star athlete.

A few more good tidbits at the link.


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