Journalism via Kickstarter

Looking for backing for specific types of coverage a Brit and American went to Kickstarter, hoping to stir a bit of interest:

Just over a week ago journalists Bobbie Johnson and Jim Giles shared their idea for a new digital journalism project, which would support long-form journalism on science and technology issues, with the world via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

They had hoped to test the water to find out the level of support for such a project, and it seems they got their answer. In just 38 hours the project had reached its $50,000 target, which will cover setting up the project website and commissioning the first stories.

“We certainly never expected to get the response we did,” Johnson, also European editor at technology site GigaOM, told

“If we were out there to prove there was some public interest in what we were doing I think hitting our goal in 38 hours proved something, proved some appetite for something out there. Now we’re ploughing ahead and trying to see how far we can take it.”

The next question: Is that a sustainable model?


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