Carnival of Journalism

The question: “What emerging technology or digital trend do you think will have a significant impact on journalism in the year or two ahead? And how do you see it playing out in terms of application by journalists, and impact?”

The answers, definitely worth a look, are here.

Via Prof. Bryan Murley who wrote:

I will take the contrarian position here and say “none.” We’ve got enough on our plate. And sometimes, it’s better to just say “enough.”

Journalists are already dealing with social media, geolocation, smart phones, constant updating, advertising woes, and corporations who don’t understand the Internet. What more disruption would really make a difference?

Here’s a thought: Let’s deal with the disruption that’s already occurred. Let’s get journalists to embrace blogs, datasets, Twitter and Facebook updates, smartphone photos, etc. Let’s embrace the mindset that says it’s not a print world anymore. That broadcasting has been turned upside down too.

And let’s get corporations to deal with the fact that they can’t keep 30 percent profit margins and pretend they care about journalism. And quit masking their rent-seeking as “innovation.”

One of my favorite contributions to this particular carnival was from Dr. Jack Rosenberry who crowd-sourced his answer from some of his students.


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