Photogs, visual artists, historians rejoice

I love this new New York Times Tumblr, where they are posting archived photos in large sizes and good resolution. Love it. The first two are my favorite. So far.

Apollo 11 Tickertape NYTimes

And the accompanying cutline … three lovely links, context, quotes, a line you won’t soon forget. Brilliant:

Aug. 13, 1969: “Data processing cards joined ticker tape in paper blizzard,” read the caption on this photograph, which was published the day after the three Apollo 11 astronauts paraded through New York. The Sanitation Department cleaned up 300 tons of paper the following day. Mayor John V. Lindsay had urged employers to give their workers time to watch the motorcade. The city’s public events commissioner said the turnout was “the biggest ever in the history of New York.” Another article quoted an 8-year-old from Connecticut. “There’s a lot of confetti down there,” he said, “but I don’t see any astronauts.”

This one is definitely going in my RSS reader.

Via Poynter.


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