Conde context

Sometimes you have to find a series of stories and read them together to get the proper context. Here are two recent business stories from Conde Nast that illustrate that point:

Condé Nast aims to unify tablet and mobile magazine production

Condé Nast plans to digitize archives for tablet long tail

The first story is simply a savy move. And if their track record is any indication Conde will do well here where some have succeeded and others have failed. Ultimately, look for their magazine design to ultimately look like a hybrid blend of their print and tablet products.

About the second story: the folks at Conde are very progressive and very sharp. Long tail planning has to do with the effect of probability in customer use. The more you have online, the more people will find it through your site, through your archives, through latent social media links, dormant sites and the always important search engine.

Just this weekend a friend was telling me that some 40 percent of his business, ancient photographs and hi-res posters for purchase online, comes from the long tail. Archives are a good thing, even if you have to go digitize your analog material.

There’s always an audience.

Disclosure: I previously worked for a Conde Nast sister company.


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