“Audience first”

Steve Yelvington unpacks a new approach at Morris:

Today six of the largest Morris Publishing Group newspapers are posting new senior management positions: vice president of audience. Internal and external candidates are welcome to apply.

This is a major step forward in the “audience first” program that Derek May described last week.

And while it has a lot to do with the newsroom, it’s not just about the newsroom.

Yelvington talks about the idea that news isn’t enough, a notion that is represented by a colorful pie chart. He also talks about communities.

Remember: You don’t start communities. Communities exist, thriving, doing what they want. How you can help them do that better.

As Mark Zuckerberg says bring “elegant organization” to the community.

Yelvington’s conclusion:

So the charge for this new-age audience chief is a daunting one: marshal all of our resources effectively to best serve all the local information needs of this participatory audience. It’s an exciting one. We live in interesting times.

How would you approach that task when the boss brings it to you?


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