Social media a traffic driver on smart phones too

We’ve known for a while now that a lot of news is pushed through social media — engaged by a trusted community, our friends and family, we follow the links to news and other information on sites like Facebook and Twitter. But the previous studies have been generally observable about our desktop behavior. Poynter notes some recent studies on mobile traffic use as well:

U.S. mobile or tablet app users spend 30 percent of their time in social networking (second only to games at 49 percent), while news apps capture only 6 percent of total time, according to newFlurry Analytics data.

Nielsen data from Android phones showed about eight of 10 people used the Facebook app in a given month — making it the most popular app except for the Android Market itself. Google found that social media, along with games and e-mail, were the most common activities for tablet users.

All this means social media is essential not only to your Web strategy, but your mobile strategy as well.

News apps, though, shouldn’t be considered a wasted effort. They are generally geared to the most news-hungry elements of your audience. Pew research suggests people utilizing news apps are “power users.”


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