Apple and tablet reading

Poynter: Why Apple’s virtual Newsstand is driving a surge in magazine, newspaper iPad app subscriptions.

(P)ublishers are reporting similar experiences with a Newsstand bump. What’s going on here? In part, discoverability and convenience.

Khoi Vinh: ‘I just can’t see the end-to-end magazine format surviving’ for iPad apps’

“Some folks will continue to like the magazine format, but as social distribution becomes the way we discover and receive more of our content, it won’t make sense to sell it in these virtual boxes any more,” he tells Jack Marshall. Instead, publishers should try to package content based on relevance, a goal that remains elusive.

Alan Mutter: Paid news potential limited on tablets.

The potential for selling news through applications on iPads and other tablets appears to be “limited,” according to a study released today.

Although consuming news on a tablet is one of the most popular activities discovered in a survey of 1,200 tablet users, only 14% of them had subscribed to a paid news app, according to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist.

Of those who haven’t paid directly for a news app, “just 21% say they would be willing to spend $5 per month if that were the only way to access their favorite source on the tablet,” said the study. “Of those who have news apps, fully 83% say that being free or low cost was a major factor in their decision about what to download.”


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