Online trends

Hey kids, gather round and let the Boston Globe tell you how they built an all-in-one website. This is a useful approach because, as you know, we are all approaching the Web in our own way, which means the experience is a little better different for you on your laptop than my on my iPhone or the next person on their pad.

Why is this important? Mobile consumption is about to surpass the tied-to-your-desk variety. The current watchdate is 2015.

The year 2015 is when Back to the Future II takes place, too. Just so you know.

What will people be doing online? A little bit of a lot of things, but mostly social media if current trends hold. A lot of news spreads via social networks at this point, so that’s not entirely a bad thing.

There’s also niche news sites, which are becoming a growing field.

Everyone’s friend Andy Carvin, on how he balances the job and his valuable role live-tweeting the Arab world. Sanity is a word that appears in the headline, so that’s something to keep in mind.


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