Evocative 9/11 coverage

A collection of some of the best 9/11 — 10 years on newspaper covers from around the country. There were many terrific ones to see.

Of all of the great pages to see, this is my favorite. The infographic style is also an example of turning a now decade-old story into something contemporaneous. If you read nothing else, click that link and read the first lines and then the bottom right corner. Here’s the supporting story.

Seems the Guardian overreached in trying to do a realtime feed of Sept. 11. The article talks about the still developing boundaries of Twitter. I think it just as importantly speaks to the “We made this culture” culture of Twitter, which is still evolving, and being driven by the masses, not what a news outlet thinks. Also it gets to the importance of listening in a conversation. Guardian tried something, the audience didn’t like it, told them and the paper, to their credit, listened.


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