“Change is a necessity”

What Daniel Ucko, editor of The Poly Post, says is relevant to all of us as journalists.

We focus so much effort on the print publication you may (or may not) put your hands on each week, we’re left with little energy or time to spend on the podcasts, videos, slideshows, and interactivity we are slowly incorporating into our Web site.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect to see continuous updates, like the re-launching of the Web site next quarter, news videos from broadcast journalism students at thepolypost.com/cppvideos, and online coverage of the men’s basketball team all week long as they enter playoffs.

So what are we left with?

While the communication department is not completely behind the times here, the print-centric mindset still dominates and students see online as second-fiddle to what should be the priority if any of us are looking to get hired in a job(less) market that just surpassed 10 percent unemployment in California, and is leaving more than 80,000 without jobs nationally.

Does that even matter?

Most of us need to make it on our own. Journalists can no longer market themselves as simply a reporter: we have to be multimedia journalists, bloggers, designers, photographers, and Twitterers.

There are a lot of compelling dilemmas and opportunities here, none of them unique to The Poly Post or to The Samford Crimson. Towards the end of the column he makes the best point of all, one of adaptability. “There is no direct conclusion here because things will keep changing.”

Be flexible. Learn new skills. Try things. Figure out how to tell the best stories possible with all the tools available to you. That’s how you begin to make yourself a commodity.


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