Bailout for journalists

Anil Dash writes about how Six Apart could help journalists now swimming through uncharted waters. That little blog post is turning into an interesting enterprise because of passion for the craft:

A lot of people are thinking about how journalism is going to evolve online, and many people are passionate about making sure journalists make the leap.
Overall, there’s an optimism which indicates that having a starting point to do something proactive and positive will be a great first step for many journalists to take control of their careers in an industry that is going through enormous upheaval.
The TypePad Journalist Bailout Program is not a silver bullet. It’s not going to singlehandedly preserve the career and income of every working journalist who has a job today. And frankly, the response has been so overwhelming that we won’t be able to accept every application at first.
But what we can do is give journalists the tools to take control of their own presence online. This program will let a lot of the most eager writers and reporters learn the ropes about how to be more effective and successful on the web.

What we’re all going to be in the future is one-part journalist and one part marketer. There’s no better place — plenty of tools, low barrier of entry and an immense network — than the internet.

And you’re using many of the available tools already. Facebook, Flickr, blogs, personal websites, Twitter and more can be used for much more than just chatting with friends and broadcasting personal pictures. Think about putting those instruments together in such a way to help you get the next big job, build professional credibility, land a big scoop, listen to a community of sources and more …


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